Integrated Technology of Tank Cleaning & Oily Sludge Treatment

Integrated Technology of Tank Cleaning & Oily Sludge Treatment


Technology Introduction

The oil storage tank mechanical cleaning system connects the mechanical cleaning equipment with the oil tank, cleaning oil supply tank and receiving oil tank via temporarily laid pipeline. The first step is to transfer the fluid crude oil at the bottom of the storage tank to other tanks. Then, use the cleaning system on the single plate of the storage tank. This will spray cleansing hot oil to crush the dissolved sludge and condensate, transfer this residual into the receiving oil tank. Finally, clean the storage tank with warm water repeatedly and simultaneously separate oil and water to remove all the sump oil in order to achieve the ignition conditions in the tank.

After separation, the oily sludge at the bottom of the tank with high solid content is pumped to the conditioning tank by a sump pump. The liquid oily sludge, back-feeding hot water and chemicals also enter the conditioning tank at the same time. All the materials are heated up and stirred to achieve homogenization. The absorbed oil is desorbed or demulsified, which promotes separation of the oil from the surface of the solid particles. Static sedimentation is carried out after a certain time of stirring and homogenization. The oily sludge after conditioning is then pumped to the two-phase centrifuge for liquid-solid separation, and the separated sludge is transported to the stacking yard, while the separated liquid enters the oil-water separation system. After separation, part of the oily sewage is used as processed water, another part enters to sewage system, and the separated oil is sent to the nearby oil tank.






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