Successful commissioning of the North Truva Project in Kazakhstan

On December 21, 2018, a new molecular sieve dehydration unit project which was built by our company had been successfully put into operation at the air lift test station in North Truva, Kazakhstan, the owner highly praised our company's outstanding contribution to this project.


Our engineer team arrived at the site in October 2018 for commissioning and operation. After more than two months of hard work, the problems of dew point temperature of water in natural gas cannot meet the requirements, instrument, valve debugging and so on have been solved. The extremely cold weather in Kazakhstan has made the tight construction schedule even worse, adding more difficulties to commissioning. However, our production personnel did not shrink back. With superb technology and the full support of the company's whole team, we successfully tackled this tough challenge, won the tough battle, and successfully completed the production and reliable 72-hour operation.


The project of North Truva in Kazakhstan is the seventh set of molecular sieve device designed and manufactured by HBP in Kazakhstan. The technical level and working ability of HBP have been fully recognized by the owners. Our team will continue to adhere to the concept of customer-centered, market-oriented, and achieve good results in future projects.




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