Chad's HBP Friendship School Held a Donation Ceremony

        On September 24, 2019, our marketing department and the Benoy Municipal Government jointly held a donation ceremony for HBP Friendship Primary School to Benoy City at the original site of the original Beijieming Primary School, which was jointly donated by HBP and FGC  (First Lady Foundation).

        Foreign guests attending the donation ceremony included the Secretary General of the West Logone Region, the Special Representative of the Presidential Palace, Mr. Ngenia, Mr. Gieshat---Minister of Defence and Security Affairs of the West Locomo Region, and the Commander of the Western District of Silogong--Lieutenant General Ousman, Mayor of Benoy City, Mayor of Mengdu City, Director of the Culture Bureau of Mengdu City, Director of the Education Bureau of Mundu City, Vice Chairman of the First Lady Foundation, local media, and local officials attended the meeting.

        Our main participants included Chad country manager--Wang Zekun, project department manager--Hou Yuan, project department HSE manager--Liu Feng, logistics department head Pan Laizhong, project department on-site translator He Wanchun and owner representative Guo Wanxiong.

        The ceremony was held at 11:00 am on the 24th, but the local residents who heard the news arrived at the venue as early as 8:00 am and surrounded the venue.

        At 11:00 am, the donation ceremony officially began. The Director of the Benoyi Cultural Bureau, the President of the HBP Friendship Primary School, the student representative, the Mayor of Benoy, the HBP Chad Country Manager, the First Lady Foundation Representative and the Secretary of the West Locomo Region delivered speeches successively.

        Our country manager mentioned in the speech: The school has received strong support and concern from our chairmanMr. Huang Song and our project general manager Mr. Zhou Xueshenthroughout the construction process. The school construction was proposed by Mr. Huang Song, and Mr. Zhou xueshen pays close attention to the design and construction, and strives to ensure that the school becomes the benchmark project of our foreign aid project. The school was built and named école d'amitiéTchad-HBP by chairman huang song himself.

        During the construction period of the school, the HBP team and partners faced many problems, such as tight construction period, great difficulty in construction and insufficient materials. After careful consideration by the civil construction personnel of our project team, serious construction overcame these problems one by one. The school was finally completed on time and was successfully put into use in the opening season that came next week.

        When our company leader, chairman--Mr.Huang Song, General Manager Xiao Rong and Project Manager Zhou Xueshen learned that there were no desks and chairs in the original school building, and the children would sit on the ground and use the small wooden boards they picked up as desks, In order to create more suitable environment for children to learn, the three leaders of our company made a prompt decision and donated 60 sets of new desks and chairs for the school, as well as school bag, stationery and school uniform.

        Finally, our country manager quoted a sentence often mentioned by our Chairman Huang Song as a summary of his speech. He said that the completion and transfer of the school is only a small step for Benoy City’s improvement of teaching and learning conditions, but a big step for HBP to take up its own social responsibilities overseas. And in the future, we will also take the steps of public welfare bigger and farther.

        The representative of the First Lady Foundation of the Secretary of the West Locomo Region, the Mayor of Benoy, the President of Chad HBP Friendship Primary School, and the student representatives also expressed sincere gratitude and respect to HBP’s public welfare.

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