The Kick-off of Chad ORYX oil field development project in BCOIII block

        On Nov 28, 2018, the opening ceremony of Chad ORYX oil filed development project executed by HBP was held.
        HBP won this project through competitive bid with the total contract value of 1,48,558,00 USD. The EPCIC contract was signed on Oct 17, 2018 with targets of the first oil at the end of 2019 and provisional acceptance on Jan 15, 2020. Chad ORYX oil field development project was the 2nd EPCIC project in HBP Africa business, after delivering the 1st EPCIC project, i.e. Hilala project in Ethiopia. HBP has mobilized professional team and utilized HBP’s advantages in talent, technology, management and capital to make sure the achievement of the first oil target .





        Chad ORYX project is the 1st oil filed development project of the owner OPIC as well. The development involves 4 blocks, i.e. Mouroumar, Benoy, Mbaikoro and Benoy-west blocks. Facilities includes 1 pump station, 1 treating station, 17 oil wells, 7 water injection well, single well pipeline, gathering pipeline, water injection truck line, 33kv power line etc. The crude oil production capacity is 500 thousand tons per year, the treated crude oil will be transferred externally through pipelines. The treated produced water will be re-injected and associated gas will be used for power generation.






The plot plan of ORYX oil field

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