Iraq Missan Camp Held Anti-terrorism Training

        Iraq local time on August 20, 2014, 20:00, HBP Iraq Missan camp held anti-terrorism training for all staff. The training is presided by Geng Zhi, the military instructor was Hua Yugang who was a scout in the troops, and he gave anti-terrorism training based on his excellent military knowledge and skills, which combines the theory and practice. The training mainly includes the following two aspects:

1.Fire arms knowledge
       Hua Yugang prepared fully in advance, and explained the guns currently used in Iraq with pictures and descriptions, including gun model, constitution, features, such as the self-defense methods and measures that we can use in case of emergency, and answered some technical questions raised by all patiently. The trainee’s attitude of guns changed from blind of pure fear to more rational attitude, they don't feel afraid anymore, instead they have some knowledge about it; in case of emergency, they are capable of more rational judgment and taking further actions.

2. Tactical training
        Mainly including two parts:
        1)Curve running: the purpose is to achieve a quick run in case of enemy fire, instead of running in a straight line, which will perplex the enemy judging your next move, thus can't take aim; this can reduce the hitting chance, and quickly escape from the dangerous area.
        2)Crawl: the crawl is mainly used when confronting shootings, and there is no shelter nearby; the crawl can reduce the chance of hitting by a bullet to the minimum, and quickly climb to a safe area.

        During the training, everyone had an intensive discussion and raise questions, the training ended in a bright atmosphere.

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