Middle East



Iraq-Natural Gas Deacidification EPCC Project for Missan Oilfield



Iraq-Water Treatment EPCC Project for Missan Oilfield



Iraq- Ahdab CPF Gas Treatment Equipment Project


Middle East-MIS Project


Iraq- Missan Crude Oil Electro-Desalting Modification Project


Middle East- Provide Technology System, Pipelines and Wellhead Devices for Phase III of Oil Gathering and Phase III of Well Set Facility



Iraq- Interwell Pipline Gathering and Transmission Project in Halfaya Oilfield


Middle East- CPF Oil & Gas Treatment Project in GBB Oilfield



Iraq- Phase I Project in Halfaya Oilfield



Iraq- Testing Separators and Multi-ported Valve Skids Phase II in Halfaya Oilfield



Iraq- Multi-ported Valve Skids Phase III in Halfaya Oilfield



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